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Dracula's Daughter

Soap2day Dracula's Daughter

Director :

Lambert Hillyer

Stars :

Gloria Holden, Otto Kruger, Marguerite Churchill, Irving Pichel, Gilbert Emery, Edward Van Sloan, Nan Grey, Halliwell Hobbes, Billy Bevan, E. E. Clive, Hedda Hopper, Claud Allister, Eily Malyon, Edgar Norton, Vernon Steele, Joseph R. Tozer, Douglas Wood, Fred Walton, Paul Weigel, Hodwiga Reicher, William Schramm, Agnes Anderson, Owen Gorin, Christian Rub, Wilhelm von Brincken, Edna Lyall, Silvia Vaughan, Douglas Gordon, David Dunbar, John Blood, Elsa Janssen, Bert Sprotte, Vesey O'Davoren, Eric Wilton, John Power, George Sorel, Gordon Hart, Paul Mitchell, Guy Kingsford, Clive Morgan, Pietro Sosso, George Kirby

Genre :

Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Release :


Rating :


Dracula's Daughter Soap2day Story :

A countess from Transylvania seeks a psychiatrist’s help to cure her vampiric cravings.

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