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Soap2day Nordvest

Director :

Michael Noer

Stars :

Gustav Dyekjær Giese, Oscar Dyekjær Giese, Roland Møller, Lene Maria Christensen, Nicholas Westwood Kidd, Dulfi Al-Jabouri, Kevin Andersen, Jelena Bundalovic, Sandra El-Hussein, Irina Babenko, Monika Paula Fasula, Habib Moutran, Ali Abdul Amir Najel, Sisse Navntofte, Annemieke Bredahl Peppink, Clement Blach Petersen, Michael Rasmussen, Marina Vorobyeva, Peter Zandersen, Carsten Hartmann, Niels Thanild, Jacob Guldager, Morten Sabroe, Nick Philip Engel, Oliver Altman, Philip Lotko, Sulayman Saidy, Mahdi Abdul Amir Najei, Hussein Abdul Amir Najei, Foxy, Dondi

Genre :

Action, Crime, Drama

Release :


Rating :


Northwest Soap2day Story :

Nordvest is a gangsterfilm set in the suburbs of Copenhagen. Casper (18), the oldest of 3 siblings, survives life on the streets by committing burglaries for the neighbourhood boss, Jamal. When Casper gets an offer to work for Jamal’s rival Björn, he jumps at the chance for a better life, making his way into a world of drugs and prostitution. As things escalate between Björn and Jamal, Casper finds himself and his family dead center of a conflict, that threatens to destroy them.

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