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Secrets of the Satin Blues

Soap2day Les folies d'Élodie

Director :

André Génovès

Stars :

Marcha Grant, André Génovès, Caroline Aguilar, Bruno de Stabenrat, Marthe Mercadier, Yves Massard, Denyse Roland, Henri Czarniak, Gérard Croce, Sylvane Sannoy, Daniel Beretta, Julie Margo, Pierre Bonzans, Gérard Touroul, Roger Trapp, Monique Mauclair, Alain Flick, Patrice Dozier, Frank Peyrinaud, Marie-Christine Rolland, Sébastien Floche, Josy Delettre, Claude Chabrol, Denise Glaser, Macha Béranger, Guy-Louis Duboucheron, Yvette Rougerie, Geneviève Toussaint, Philippe Jasmin, Michel Gallon, Vava, Jean Cherlian, René Douglas, Jacques Fortunas, Charlotte Walior

Genre :

Comedy, Romance

Release :


Rating :


Secrets of the Satin Blues Soap2day Story :

A tale of sexual encounters of one woman and several friends, family members and acquaintances, as seen (and told) from the perspective of a pair of satin blue panties.

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