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Nightmare Beach

Soap2day Nightmare Beach

Director :

Umberto LenziJames Justice

Stars :

Nicolas De Toth, Sarah Buxton, Rawley Valverde, Lance LeGault, Michael Parks, John Saxon, Ben Stotes, Kristy Lachance, Gregg Todd Davis, Yamilet Hidalgo, John Baldwin, Luis Valderrama, Fred Buch, Debra Gallagher, Turk Harley, Christina Kier, Buffy Dee, Tony Bolano, Shana Rodman, Donna Lee, Teresa Maria Rojas, James Di Cuia, Dan Fitzgerald, Barry Schreiber, Mitzi Lively, Joe Del Campo, Jennifer Hingel, Earl L. Simpson III, Ferdie Pacheco, Bill Wohrman, Greg Gerard Bernet, Frank Logan, Lisa Vidal, Jennifer Coleman, Tom Boykin, Jay Amor, Michelle Lee Nahm, Kirk Alderman, Sally Carlson, Howard Neu, Rollin Jarrett, Stephen A. Maier, Kathleen Carrier'e Pefferkorn, Bam Rubenstein, Daniel Selby

Genre :

Horror, Thriller

Release :


Rating :


Nightmare Beach Soap2day Story :

Florida: Biker Edward Santer, known as "Diablo", is electrocuted for murder. He goes to the chair protesting his innocence, claiming he was set up by the local police chief and vowing vengeance from beyond the grave. Several teenagers are soon discovered dead, having been electrocuted. It seems Diablo's curse has come true. The mayor keeps the murders quiet because the town is celebrating "Spring Break", an annual festival in which thousands of students spend all their dollars having a good time. Suspects include the town's alcoholic doctor, the fascist police chief and Reverend Bates, whose wayward daughter is having sex with every young man in sight.

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