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Soap2day Looker

Director :

Michael Crichton

Stars :

Albert Finney, James Coburn, Susan Dey, Leigh Taylor-Young, Dorian Harewood, Tim Rossovich, Darryl Hickman, Kathryn Witt, Terri Welles, Michael Hawkins, Ashley Cox, Donna Kei Benz, Catherine Parks, Terry Kiser, Jeana Keough, Eloise Hardt, Melissa Prophet, Lori Sutton, Vanna White, Pamela Jean Bryant, Anita Merritt, Randi Brooks, Estelle Omens, Tawny Moyer, Scott Mulhern, Irena Ferris, Randall England, Allison Balson, Katherine De Hetre, Dick Christie, Steve Strong, Joseph G. Medalis, Jesse Logan, Jerry Douglas

Genre :

Science Fiction, Thriller

Release :


Rating :


Looker Soap2day Story :

Plastic surgeon Larry Roberts performs a series of minor alterations on a group of models who are seeking perfection. The operations are a resounding success. But when someone starts killing his beautiful patients, Dr. Roberts becomes suspicious and starts investigating. What he uncovers are the mysterious - and perhaps murderous - activities of a high-tech computer company called Digital Matrix.

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